Value Judgements

Higher education is expensive. It is more expensive, in fact, than many people realize, because many of the costs of higher education originate with a set of activities that are not well understood by outsiders. ‘Teaching’ in its strictest sense is only one part of these costs. The most obvious other costs include ‘research’ and […]

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The Historical Imagination

Historians produce imaginative fictions that convey truths about the past. I think we all know this. We might not reflect on it very often, but most academic historians will have read Hayden White or Keith Jenkins. Like a stone in your shoe, you carry with you a sense of this, which is irritating. You might […]

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Crime, gender, and reading lists

There has recently been an important conversation where I work about reading lists for undergraduate courses. What am I actually setting my students to read? Do the things I set them represent a fair cross-section of research and primary sources in this area? I think that the students at UCL who first asked ‘Why is […]

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Creative Histories Blog Series

StoryingthePast are pleased to present a series of blog posts based on the ‘Creative Histories’ conference held in Bristol in July, and supported by the British Academy, Bristol Institute for the Humanities and Arts, and the Department of History, University of Bristol. The first post from Catherine Fletcher is live today, and the subsequent posts […] […]

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