Articles and Books


2017 Rhythms of Revolt: The Memory of Social Conflict in Oral Culture, Éva Guillorel, David Hopkin, and William Pooley (eds.).

2016: ‘The Singing Postman: the Mobility of Traditional Culture in Nineteenth-Century France’, Cultural and Social History, 13.

2016: ‘Native to the Past: History, Anthropology, and Folklore in Past and Present’, Past and Present virtual issue, introduction still available here.

2014 ‘Man to Man: Placing Masculinity in a Legend Performed for Jean-François Bladé’ in Unsettling Assumptions: Tradition, Gender, Drag, Diane Tye and Pauline Greenhill (eds.).

2012 ‘Can the “Peasant” Speak? Witchcraft and Silence in Guillaume Cazaux’s “The Mass of Saint Sécaire,’ Western Folklore, 71:2.

2010 ‘Independent Women and Independent Body Parts: What the Tales and Legends of Nannette Lévesque can Contribute to French Rural Family History,’ Folklore, 121:2.



Singing the Changes: Body and Landscape in Nineteenth-Century France.

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