A New Universal Theory of Economics

In an exciting development, I am pleased to bring you an exclusive pre-print extract of my latest co-authored article for The Totally Real Not Made Up Journal of Folkloristic Imperialism.

(It may make sense to take note of this first, and that economists have, errr, what we can call ‘form’ with this bullshit).

In this paper we will define ‘economics’ as the ‘study of saving things’, because that is what we think it is.

There is a long tradition of ‘economists’ writing about this, from Adam Smith to Milton Keynes, and no doubt important other writers since, who we have not read. But the definition we have come up with is fine, because we can also cite some other folklorists who use a similar definition (Pooley et al 2017, Smith and Pooley 2014).

What economists have never noticed is that actually human beings do not act rationally. This is an incredible oversight that all economists that we have read make, and we can cite one example (Self-published Amazon Book, 2020). Folklorists meanwhile have been studying how human beings act ‘more than rationally’ (Pooley 2018) and in ways that are ‘interesting’ (Pooley 2014) for at least as long as the authors of this paper have been publishing.

In this paper, we propose a simple new approach to the entire field of economics that none of those other bozos had ever thought of.

Sound too good to be true?

Well it isn’t, because COMPUTERS. 

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