Weapons of the Geek

It’s an ugly time for higher education in the UK. The march of corporatization continues unabated, as students are encouraged to think of themselves as consumers, and education as a product. Rather than fighting the important battles over what we should be learning, and how, instead the arguments today focus on ‘metrics’ and ’employability’. It’s […]

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Plot and History

I want to talk about one mistake I think it is possible to make about the kinds of ‘creative’ approaches to writing history is that the #storypast group have discussed, and which will hopefully be addressed by the ‘Creative Histories’ event in Bristol in July 2017. This error is to think that talk of history […]

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Making Time for Ideas

Do academic researchers spend enough time thinking? I know that – at least in the romance we spin of what we should be doing – thinking is perhaps priority number one, up there somewhere with teaching, writing, and discussing. I also know from my own experience that life as an academic leaves little luxury. Thinking – […]

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