There’s no getting around me. In the past, I’ve made a virtue of this, asking why more historians don’t make themselves characters in their own work. But today I’m thinking about the pitfalls of pratfalls of Ego. I’ll tell you what prompted this: I’ve been thinking a lot about the way different types of people interested […]

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Why translate?

Why would I want to do translation work? The arguments against are pretty powerful. It’s a distraction from the ‘real’ work I do, the work of teaching and research. And it’s a pain. Long, tedious, and often frustrating. There are few things worse than facing the conventions of another language and realizing there is no […]

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Lore School

I recently wrote a thing for the journal Past & Present, who have been funding me for the past year. It’s a virtual issue of articles that have appeared in the journal on the theme of anthropology and folklore, with an introduction I wrote about how I think the field has developed, and the place of […]

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