Blogging Break

I haven’t posted here recently.

I’ve simply been too busy.

Teaching (even part time) is a lot of work (something I already knew, but I learn afresh each time I take on a new course).

At the same time, I am back on the job hunt, meaning that much of the time that I so enjoyed over the summer reading new things and dipping into new research projects has to be devoted now to redrafting proposals that are always subtly different for each opening.

I’ve actually got several ideas for posts that I really want to write, including a mammoth post in an unusual format, but I just can’t justify spending the time on it right now. Any spare time I have is meant to be going on finishing the article that has been haunting me for the last two months, and turning my thesis into a book… Which, by the way, fills me with dread. One of my examiners told me that, while they enjoyed my thesis immensely, it also made them furious to the point of shouting out loud as they went through. I can’t wait for the Amazon reviews of the finished product!

Ho hum. Maybe I’ll quit some of my most time-consuming habits, like interacting with humans, and sleeping.

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