Your Silence Will Not Protect You

People ask me why my research matters, why history research matters at all. They ask out loud over drinks at a party, because some people find arguing helps them relax. And they ask with their eyes and their eyebrows, their shuffling feet and phone-fiddling fingers. Deep down, they ask the same of all of us […]

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Blogging Break

I haven’t posted here recently. I’ve simply been too busy. Teaching (even part time) is a lot of work (something I already knew, but I learn afresh each time I take on a new course). At the same time, I am back on the job hunt, meaning that much of the time that I so […]

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Nobodies and Perverts

Who is the most boring individual in my doctorate? It seems a good time to reflect, having just passed my viva (it feels good! In fact, I enjoyed it a whole lot more than I was expecting.) The backstory. One of the (foolhardy) things I did to research my thesis was attempt to identify a […]

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