Book Blues

Right now, I should be celebrating. Just before Christmas, my first book was published. I don’t have anything more to say about the contents of the book. (You can read the blurb, and buy copies for everyone you know here. That’s as much self-publicity as I can manage.) Instead, this post is about publication sadness. Sadness is […]

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True Costs

The university staff currently on strike are not preventing the university from working. We are the university. So when we say we are broken, this means the university is broken. What is wrong? This is an answer for my students, for my colleagues who are not on strike, and for the wider public. It is […]

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Fact… Possibility… Imagination — Creative Histories of Witchcraft

Roy Clark says there are two rules of non-fiction. ‘Do not add. Do not deceive.’ ‘Never put something into your story that hasn’t checked out.’[1] I struggle with this in crimes of extravagant fear Like the attack on Jacques M, by his neighbour Joseph A, who thought him a witch I think. Let’s begin […]

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